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April 2013

[COMP] Difference between Bright Fit BB Cream and Cotton Fit BB Cream


Many of you are asking me what’s the difference betweet the two main BB Creams from etude house: Bright Fit and Cotton Fit. So I dediced to make a short picture tutorial.

My mum is the proud owner of the Bright Fit BB Cream while I’m using the cotton fit bb cream now. The Bright Fit One is in shade W13 while the Cotton Fit version is in shade N02. You can now also see how different the shades are (two comparisons in one tutorial haha!).


So the tubes are in the same size as you can see but the layout is a bit different. Both are anti-darkening and with brightening while they both have SPF30 / PA++, so no differences here!


Here my bare arm


Here I applied a small amound of the BB creams. 

As you can see the difference between the N02 and W13 shade is HUGE! W13 is way too dark for me, you’ll see it in the next picture but other difference can not be seen here between both BB creams.


Here seconds after swatching the creams on my arm.

The Bright Fit Cream dries very fast you can see some lines on my arm yet after a few seconds after appling but you can’t see them on the cotton fit part of my arm, right? Ignore the very dark shade of the bright fit bb cream ok? (as I mentioned it’s too dark for me xD)


Here after both creams are fully dried.

I think the main difference can be seen now. The bright fit cream is glowing and has a shimmer on the skin, also you can see all lines ou have in the skin. BUT the coverage is quite good, right? My venes cannot be seen anymore haha xD

The cotton fit cream doesn’t have any shimmer. It’s a semi matte finish, just looks like I also applied a powder on top, right? But I didn’t and that’s the magic and the difference between both BB creams :) The matte-powdery finish of the cotton fit BB cream.

I hope I answered now all of your questions regarding the two bb creams.

If you still have questions left feel free to ask me ;)

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  1. lovelystate said: Thanks for the review! I had my eyes set to the Cotton Fit but after learning that it’s a matte finish I changed my mind. No-no for my dry skin type.
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